Collective Dance

For each silhouette, they are re-shaped, every specific parts they are restatements of another particulars. Giving something a shape that is like giving someone a fake ID which allows them travelling around within a certain area and across areas. The shape is the ID of one thing that allows it locates in a particular certainty. The collaboration Sun Yun and Snow Xue Gao extends an idea of the origin through a linier lens to a new dimension of viewing the origin. The shifting of perspectives in Snow’s design process reflects back to her understanding of the reality as a playground of uncertainty in term of the awareness of multi-culture in the new era. Uncertainty brings accidents but it is also where immaturity takes root and newness hatched. As musicians try grasping sounds a shape, sculptors try describing sculptures a texture, painters try classifying portraits a color, architects try forming dimensions for architectures to stay in.


Therefore, they all desire creating a certainty which is based on their personal acknowledge. For their distribution, they might be a path which could materialize abstract things, then what if the concept is calling for returning to the shape? To understand a thing, erase the identity by shaping, building up, translating, by seeing it, by reading it on paper, by typing into laptop, by opening links that associated with it, by enter another link that linked to the pervious link, by stepping away from it to understand it. While you are erasing the idea, it takes root in your deleted folder, your folder, in your larger Google drive.

COLLECTIVE DANCE from Snow Xue Gao on Vimeo.