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    Imagine you are walking along the Silk Road in the 8th Century. You see assembles of merchants riding on the camels and trading dazzling goods such as silk, porcelain, tea, pearls, paper, or lacquer products. SNOW XUE GAO A/W2020 Collection is fascinated by the stories that happened on the Silk Road. Silk Road, originated in the Han Dynasty, was an important network connecting the East and the West as well as outputting a variety of ideas, arts, cultural exchanges, and fashion. Among them, the way the merchants dressed up on the Silk Road was an important inspiration. It was common that a single piece of garment could be found multiple ways of wearing, to adjust to the changing weather. For example, a coat could be tied off the shoulder at noon while fully worn during the night. Expanding the idea of wearing two pieces in one look, this collection combines the destructing and layering of two pieces in one outfit, to create a contemporary imagination of the way people used to live back then.

    Mogao Caves in Dunhuang, standing at the crossroads of religion and culture on the Silk Road, are one of the most signature places witnessing the historic happenings for centuries. The murals of Mogao Caves recorded the exchange of cultures, religions, philosophies, and especially, recorded the way of how people lived in ancient times. Among them, one mural depicts women, who seemingly wore nothing at all, actually wore multiple layers of very thin, patterned silk. In this collection, the prints developed for this season are therefore inspired by Chinese ornamental art, such as patterns on silk fabrics, porcelains or murals, and are in the shape of cranes, lotus, peony, pomegranate, branches of flowers and leaves. For example, one pattern, named Crane Flying Into Flowers, is derived from the patterns on the silk dress in the murals. Influenced by the living experience in New York, SNOW recreates the traditional pattern into a version of contemporary art, pop art, and collages. Meanwhile, it is the duality of the vibrancy of colors and the combination with the 80s American menswear that we always want to represent in this collection.


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