Snow Xue Gao Spring Summer '22 Collection

Snow Xue Gao Spring Summer '22 Collection

Luxury womenswear fashion designer Snow Xue Gao recently caught up with New York Magazine's Andrew Nguyen to discuss her inspiration of her recent Spring Summer '22 Collection in a piece featured on The Cut. The piece documents Gao's affinity to her family and her childhood where she spent a lot of her time in her grandparents' garden in Beijing.

Nguyen writes "Snow Xue Gao’s spring-summer 2022 New York Fashion Week presentation included sharply tailored houndstooth suiting, delicate silk florals on minidresses, and flouncy pussy-bow blouses — all inspired by summers spent with her grandparents and cultivating their peony garden.

She says her designs “break away from conventional definitions of feminine and masculine.”

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